Welcome to AERODESIGN Solutions


AERODESIGN Solutions is one of a handful of organizations globally, and the only one of its kind in India, to offer comprehensive aircraft design and engineering solutions from concept to realization. We bring complete end-to-end engineering capability as well as specialized services & support solutions to our customers in the Civil and Defence Aerospace sectors.


Our innovative solutions are custom tailored to meet our customers unique needs and requirements. AERODESIGN Solutions is committed to excellence in Design Services and advancement of the state of the art in Aerospace Engineering.

The Research, Development and Technology Sector is an agile and highly innovative organization within AERODESIGN Solutions that focuses on developing the next generation of advanced, autonomous flight systems. Equally capable of supporting both commercial and government customers, the R&D sector specializes in the core technologies of autonomy, electric propulsion, advanced manufacturing, advanced aircraft design, and operations in the global airspace system.

The AERODESIGN Solution’s overarching mission is to:

·        Put autonomy to work by performing tasks for and with humans

·        Enable flight vehicles to operate with increasing levels of autonomy

·        Develop technologies for rapid production of low-cost, high-performance aircraft

·        Demonstrate and field affordable, high efficiency, and highly reliable propulsion systems

·        Develop innovative aircraft that achieve revolutionary gains in performance and capabilities


Our office headquartered in Bangalore, Our R&D sector includes premier engineering teams in Silicon City and in other countries. 

Our locations in some of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems allows us to collaborate with outstanding talent from world-class universities.