Internship Terms and Conditions


  1. You shall be governed by the following terms and condition of service during your internship with AERODESIGN Solutions, and those may be amended from time to time.
  2. You are being hired as an Intern and would be reporting to assigned Manager and Mentor during the internship.
  3. As an Intern, you would be responsible for creating, modifying and prototyping designs according to the project requirements.
  4. Your duration of the internship would be six months. During this time, you are expected to devote your time and efforts solely to AERODESIGN Solutions work.
  5. You are also required to let your mentor know about forthcoming events (if there are any) in advance so that your work can be planned accordingly.
  6. You understand that appropriate actions will be taken if you apply, engage, promote or work for any other company or industry before completion of the internship.
  7. You will be allowed to work remotely for the duration of the internship. There will be catch ups scheduled with your mentor every week to discuss work progress and overall internship experience.
  8. Failure to report to office and submit work will lead to appropriate disciplinary actions accordingly.
  9. Not informing prior will be treated as No Call No Show (NCNS). Accordingly, 3 NCNS will lead to termination with fines and penalty as determined by the company.
  10. All the work that you will produce at or in relation to AERODESIGN Solutions will be the intellectual property of AERODESIGN Solutions.
  11. You are not allowed to store, copy, sell, share, and distribute it to a third party under any circumstances.
  12. Similarly, you are expected to refrain from talking about your work in public domains (both online such as blogging, social networking site and offline among your friends, college etc.) without prior discussion and approval with your mentor.
  13. We take data privacy and security very seriously and to maintain confidentiality of any students, customers, clients, and companies’ data and contact details that you may get access to during your internship will be your responsibility.
  14. AERODESIGN Solutions operates on zero tolerance principle about any breach of data security guidelines.
  15. At the completion of the internship you are expected to hand over all AERODESIGN Solutions work/data stored on your Personal Computer to your mentor and delete the same from your machine.
  16. You must submit all original documents and agree to conduct background checks to verify the authenticity of all the documents.
  17. The collected documents will be returned after verification at the end of the internship.
  18. During the appointment period you shall not engage yourselves directly or indirectly or in any capacity in any other organization.
  19. In the event of breach of any condition mentioned in this agreement, this appointment is liable to be terminated forthwith by the company. In addition, you shall be liable to pay fines and penalty to the Company of an extent estimated by the Company.
  20. Under normal circumstances the company may terminate this agreement forthwith under situations of in-disciplinary behaviours with penalty up to Sixty-Four Thousand Indian Rupees.  
  21. You are expected to conduct yourself with utmost professionalism in dealing with your mentor, team members, colleagues, clients and customers and treat everyone with due respect.
  22. AERODESIGN Solutions is a place where we love people who like to go beyond the normal call of the duty and can think out of the box. Surprise us with your passion, intelligence, creativity and hard work – and expect appreciation & rewards to follow.
  23. Expect constant and continuous objective feedback from your mentor and other team members and we encourage you to ask for and provide feedback at every possible opportunity. It’s your right to receive and give feedback – this is the ONLY way we all can continuously push ourselves to do better.
  24. Have fun at what you do and do the right thing – both the principles are core of what AERODESIGN Solutions stands for and we expect you to imbibe them in your day to day actions and continuously challenge us if we are falling short of expectations on either of them.
  25. There will be penalty of Five Hundred Indian Rupees per day if you are not coming to office. In addition, there is a penalty of Twenty Thousand Indian Rupees if internship is not attended or discontinued for any reason.
  26. This is a research-oriented internship and no stipend is provided by the organisation. All the office related expenses (if any) would be reimbursed on actual basis.
  27. For the security and caution deposit, the amount will be refunded only after successful completion of Internship and deduction of applicable fees and fines accordingly.
  28. The internship certificates will be issued only after satisfactory completion of their work and abiding to all the rules and regulations.
  29. The Intern shall furnish a “No – due Certificate” to AERODESIGN Solutions in the prescribed format after completion of project work along with a soft copy and hard copy (TWO NUMBERS) of the project report accordingly.
  30. The students should wear the identity badge and carry the company identity card when they are in the company premises.
  31. The Intern takes the responsibility of any damage caused to the Company.
  32. Students shall maintain discipline at all time and follow all the rules on the campus stringently. The Director may initiate disciplinary action against erring students and decision of the Director shall be final and binding on the students and colleges.


Any further queries can be sent to [email protected]