About AERODESIGN Solutions Private Limited

AERODESIGN has a long history of creating aircraft that push the boundaries of what is possible from concept to flight. The diverse skillsets at AERODESIGN provide ample talent to plan, design, build, test, and operate complex unmanned aircraft systems. The featured systems are examples of the capabilities of the AERODESIGN team, and their ability to build the future of autonomy and aerospace science.

AERODESIGN Solutions is one of the few companies to offer a complete aircraft parts and maintenance support and a complete commercial aircraft engineering design and capability service.

With a long established capability in aircraft engineering design and development, our engineering expertise makes us one of the few companies able to offer total support to new or existing airlines, whatever their fleet size or location. Our aircraft engineering services cover both OEM and non-OEM aircraft types and we have a history of working with other third-party aircraft operators to help design and develop first class aircraft engineering solutions.

Furthermore, we have a broad portfolio of engagement across Civil and Military aerospace and other sectors such as marine, delivering cutting-edge design and aircraft engineering services with capabilities honed on international programs.

Our engineering services covers a wide range of solutions for aircraft operators such as Structural Analysis, Aerodynamic Loads Analysis and Entire Aircraft Design Solutions.



The Research, Development and Technology Sector is an agile and highly innovative organization within AERODESIGN Solutions that focuses on developing the next generation of advanced, autonomous flight systems. Equally capable of supporting both commercial and government customers, the R&D sector specializes in the core technologies of autonomy, electric propulsion, advanced manufacturing, advanced aircraft design, and operations in the global airspace system.

The AERODESIGN Solution’s overarching mission is to:

·        Put autonomy to work by performing tasks for and with humans

·        Enable flight vehicles to operate with increasing levels of autonomy

·        Develop technologies for rapid production of low-cost, high-performance aircraft

·        Demonstrate and field affordable, high efficiency, and highly reliable propulsion systems

·        Develop innovative aircraft that achieve revolutionary gains in performance and capabilities


Our office headquartered in Bangalore, Our R&D sector includes premier engineering teams.

Our locations in some of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems allows us to collaborate with outstanding talent from world-class universities.


We provide full life-cycle support of our products from conceptual design development, to testing and first part qualification/certification. AERODESIGN delivers finished products that are ready-to-install integrated assemblies utilizing advanced composite structures along with integrated subsystems such as pneumatics, fuel and air lines and avionics.

Our Aero-structures group specializes in complex design, build-to-print and rapid prototyping of airframes fabricated from advanced composite and metallic materials. We offer a full service solution; maintaining the unique ability to incorporate our engineering expertise and manufacturing talent to rapidly produce new products for our military and commercial customers.

Our Aero-structures team works with its customers to:

  • Develop advanced materials and manufacturing process technologies through its Advanced Research & Prototyping (AR&P) branch
  • Leverage automation to scale technologies and transition them into production
  • Deliver high quality complex composite primary and secondary structures/assemblies on time
Advanced Research & Prototyping (AR&P)

Advanced Research & Prototyping focuses on developing technologies for insertion into production programs, with an emphasis on cost efficiency for full rate production. We work with our customers on military, commercial, and space programs aimed at:

  • Converting hand layup designs to automated fiber placement/tape layup,
  • Converting from a metal to composite structure
  • Developing new materials and manufacturing processes that improve performance, quality, and reduce costs

AERODESIGN’s operations capabilities can meet the demanding security needs of defense services, as well as provide support for everyday science and commercial applications. The AERODESIGN team stands ready to provide our capabilities and services through a fee-for-services model. Name the objective and we will provide a turnkey operation staffed by AERODESIGN personnel with the primary deliverable being the successful and efficient execution of your mission.