Our services include new product design and development, verification and validation, testing and certification, and sustenance support. We help customers reduce development costs and go-to-market timelines, backed by a strong R&D focus with research labs across the globe.

We offer a global service delivery model, powered by strategic alliances with Microsoft, National Instruments, and other Fortune 500 companies, making us a preferred partner for aerospace transformation. We have worked with several domain leaders – designing aircraft interiors, developing flight control computers, implementing GlobalCart Services for in-flight shopping, and many more.

Our services are specifically aligned to the aerospace engineering space. They combine in-depth knowledge of technical training needs and industrial publication parameters to deliver extensive support for activities, both on and off the field.

AERODESIGN Solutions is one of the few companies to offer a complete aircraft parts and maintenance support and a complete commercial aircraft engineering design and capability service.

With a long established capability in aircraft engineering design and development, our engineering expertise makes us one of the few companies able to offer total support to new or existing airlines, whatever their fleet size or location. Our aircraft engineering services cover both OEM and non-OEM aircraft types and we have a history of working with other third-party aircraft operators to help design and develop first class aircraft engineering solutions.

Furthermore, we have a broad portfolio of engagement across Civil and Military aerospace and other sectors such as marine, delivering cutting-edge design and aircraft engineering services with capabilities honed on international programs.

Our engineering services covers a wide range of solutions for aircraft operators such as Structural Analysis, Aerodynamic Loads Analysis and Entire Aircraft Design Solutions.